Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
Schooling of our Mushapo pupils continues in Tshikapa After we finished the construction work of our Health Center in Mushapo at the beginning of 2017, we found out that major fighting erupted in the province Kasai. Since these troubles spread around the whole province, it was not safe for Wolfgang and Jean to visit our school in Mushapo. The unrest started because of foreign mining companies wanting to exploit the natural resources in this region. They want to drive away the population so that they can extract the raw materials more easily, just as they do in eastern Congo. In our area, the Tshokwe tribe chased out all other tribes from Mushapo and the surrounding villages. They also looted all our belongings from the camp, the school and the houses of those who had to flee. Our school director Pierre, eight of our 10 teachers and about 80 % of…


Here are the main accomplishments from the past year 2016: In February, Wolfgang’s eldest daughter, Angela, came for one month to Congo and went with him to Mushapo. The children enjoyed her youthful and fun approach and had a wonderful time dancing, singing and interacting with her. We brought two sets of soccer jerseys from Germany for them which they appreciated a lot. We visited all 10 classes and were impressed with their enthusiasm in teaching and learning. We also spent time with Robert and his helper Laurent, our foremen and overseers of the construction work. This year they concentrated on progressing with the building of the Health Center, the greatest need for the area right now. Here you can see a video about our time in Mushapo. There is still quite a bit of work in finishing up different construction work for the School and Health Center and setting…


We hope you enjoy this review of our work in Mushapo in the year 2015 and that it makes you feel part of all that got accomplished. >Construction work The second school building walls went up all the way to the roof, the windows and doors were fabricated, put in place and painted and the inside walls were plastered. After this building was completed our whole school operation moved from SADRs farm land to our own school grounds. This happened just in time as the old farm houses, made of wood and clay which were used as temporary school buildings, were in danger of collapsing like all the other farm houses did which didn’t have to get used and kept up. The roof of the third school building was set up, the foundation laid and the walls are almost up to the roof. Cement floors for school buildings one and…


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Our Annual reports

 In order to significantly improve the future prospects of the children (and thus also of their families!) ADH made the facilitation of a proper education and formation of children its goal!

Our objective – to provide education


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