Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
ADH projects are in the shadow of the COVID 19 virus this year Like in most parts of the world, Congo too was overshadowed this year by the COVID 19 virus. All the schools and universities were closed since March. Thankfully, the schools in Congo opened again in October. We are very grateful for this as in some other countries schools were shut down again after some time due to a new surge of the virus. In the developed countries, when the schools close, lessons continue online. This is not possible with Congolese schools in the countryside, as children have no access to electricity, the necessary equipment or the internet. Another obstacle with schools in Congo is the problem that in newly set up schools the teachers do not receive a salary from the government, especially with secondary schools in the countryside, like ours in Mabala. Instead, the students have…


Lockdown in our Mabala School Since March of this year, all schools and universities in the DR Congo are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like for the rest of the world, this was a first for the Congo and its population, which was completely unprepared for such an emergency. There is a big difference between Congo’s countryside and the developed world. Without an Internet connection, the teachers and students in Mabala could not continue their education, as many schools in other countries did. A big challenge for our school projects in Congo is that building a school is only the first step. The next step is how to get the school to maintain and sustain itself . In most countries of the world, building a school means that it will function properly as the teachers are either paid by the government as in governmental schools or by the…


Agro-Veterinarian Training in our Mabala High School In September our High School in Mabala started its second year, adding the 9th grade to the 7th and 8th grade we had in the previous school year. The school teaches a total of 286 students, 180 boys, 106 girls – free of charge. Besides the normal subjects of the governmental curriculum, the students started their first practical agricultural and veterinarian training. We are very happy to see the first fruits of the latest agricultural project which is located right next to the school. The students from the agricultural section receive hands-on training in growing different vegetables and peanuts as well as in planting avocado, palm nut and banana trees. The school also built a chicken house and received its first rabbits to teach rabbit breeding. After sowing several crops, the students harvested in November a large quantity of vegetables that the school…


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Our Annual reports

 According to the (2012) UN, Human Development Index, the Congo DRC ranks as having one of the lowest standard of living worldwide.

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