Since the year 2000 our annual reports provide an overview over the progress of our projects. Apart from summaries concerning the current project this section also covers completed projects. Thereby we trace the history of “Active Direct Help”. Additionally we regularly publish the recent developments to our current project in detail.

Annual Reports
First we would like to share with you three great ideas some of you had of how to raise funds for our work here.. Wolfgang’s sister Annette is a teacher in an elementary school and her two classes support four of our orphans since a few years already. Now the school wanted to do something more for them and organized a “sponsorship-run” for all students. The teachers and local volunteers helped with the organization, the bakery and butchery of the village donated snacks, and the brave students gave their all on that day. Before the run they asked their relatives and friends if they would want to donate a certain amount of money per kilometer they would run and the result was phenomenal, way more than anybody expected, over 6000 Euros! Even the local newspaper gave a beautiful tribute to these little heroes! Since it is so difficult to reach…


For those of you who don’t know yet, since quite a while we were considering adopting a Congolese baby and have inquired at two orphanages about the possibilities. Unexpectedly soon after our visit we received a phone call informing us that an abandoned newborn baby was found on the street in the night. As shocking as this news was we’ve heard of similar cases before. After checking things out and praying further about the matter we decided to adopt her. We named her Anissa Mary and she is such a joy. Many Congolese get touched by our adopting one of their children and take it as proof of our love for their people. The food distribution at our two orphan centers is going well and we again had some special visitors to help with this: one couple from the German Embassy and one couple from the Belgian Embassy. They also…


In the last few months our team almost doubled, a real boost to our work here. Six months ago Joe came from Switzerland. He is a professional handyman and a big asset in overseeing our many needed home improvements. Then Dom and Marie arrived with their daughter Natalie from South Africa. They are a great help, being veterans on many mission fields, and French speakers. The last newcomer is Mike who in his youth likes the challenge of a difficult field. We are very happy for this addition to our team as this way we can get more done. This requires of course more room in the house and dear Joe and Mike have been working extra hard on this and are turning the annex into nice rooms. During our yearly visit to Europe we were able to see or phone our friends and relatives as well as raise support…


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Our Annual reports

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