Avec nos rapports annuels, nous donnons chaque année, depuis 2000, un aperçu de l'état d'avancement de nos projets. En plus des rapports de synthèse pour le projet actuel, cette catégorie comprend également des projets déjà achevés. Ainsi, la carrière de la „Active Direkt Hilfe“ est tracée en Afrique. Pour notre projet actuel, nous publions régulièrement les derniers développements en détail.

Rapports annuels
Jui 2006

Agricultural Project and Bible Study Group

Thanks to your prayers and support the Lord helped us to change the lives of 98 orphans in one of the poorest parts of Kinshasa. Here is a little inside into the life of these orphans: when their parents die (AIDS, malaria etc) the children are often sent to their relatives in the city who are barely surviving themselves and hardly have enough money to feed their own children. We were told that 80 % of the population in Congo lives on 1 US $ or less per day and most food prices there are higher than i.e. in Germany because most items are imported. Those people have basically no funds for health care, much less schooling. After we left Kinshasa in December 2004 the situation slowly got so bad that in one year 50 orphans died because SABEC didn’t have enough resources to care for them.

In general if these children survive and manage to grow up, some of them probably end up on the street and join the many existing street children. Kinshasa is supposed to have already about 10 thousand of them and their life is a chapter in itself. In order to stop this vicious cycle we came up with a plan. We didn't just want to "feed them a fish, but rather teach them how to fish".

For the immediate help we bought some food supplies and organized urgently needed medicine for all the children from a dear pharmacy friend. We also bought two sewing machines so they can teach the older kids and earn a little money this way. But our main investment went into an agricultural project. Kinshasa is surrounded by lots of fertile land, but hardly anybody does anything with it. There are many reasons. The poor have no money and even if somebody wants to start such a project, the field "roads" are extremely difficult to pass and there is no infrastructure to speak of. In spite of all these obstacles, we bought two hectares of land near Kisenso plus the tools to clear the field and seeds to plant maize, beans, green vegetables, potatoes and peanuts. The future plan includes breeding fish, raising animals and growing more crops, bananas and fruits. We are also praying for a building for the orphans so they can take better care of them.

Together with the SABEC members we made a plan what to do with the food once it grows. Some is for immediate use to feed the children, the rest should be sold to buy more seeds for the next crop and to get other supplies for them. This is only the beginning as to support 98 orphans takes a lot and the proceeds of what we started only covers a small amount of what is needed. They need a lot more food plus medical care, school supplies etc so that in the future they can get training i.e. to become farmers instead of looking for jobs which don't exist. About 80 % of the people are jobless and have no support from anybody.

The other project we were working on was to strengthen our Bible Study group to carry on after we left. We believe that one of the main reasons the poor don't have enough to eat is because there is not enough love amongst the people. Jesus said in Mathew 22:37-40:  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." If everybody would keep those two rules – to love God and their neighbors as themselves - there would be no wars, enough food for everybody and people could live in peace. But since this is not the case we have a big job until people live more according to His Law of Love.

In order to reach that goal we distribute tracts to everybody which help spread this message of God’s love, sharing and peace. We also distribute the “activated” magazine by mail, e-mail and printed copies as well as other very helpful educational and spiritually uplifting materials. And for those who want to deepen their personal relationship with God, which a lot of people in the Congo want to do, we offer weekly special Bible Study courses called “12 Foundation Stones”. These cover important subjects like Eternal Salvation, the Word of God, Love, Prayer, Hearing of Heaven, the End time and Jesus' Return etc. If you are interested in any of these subjects please let us know and we will do our best to supply you with the needed materials. If you would like to help our work please use the bank account on the bottom of this page and let us know which project you would like to support. Thank you so much!

Nos Rapports annuels

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