Avec nos rapports annuels, nous donnons chaque année, depuis 2000, un aperçu de l'état d'avancement de nos projets. En plus des rapports de synthèse pour le projet actuel, cette catégorie comprend également des projets déjà achevés. Ainsi, la carrière de la „Active Direkt Hilfe“ est tracée en Afrique. Pour notre projet actuel, nous publions régulièrement les derniers développements en détail.

Rapports annuels
Juil 2000

Finally through Customs

After three months of preparation we were able to finally order the container and pick it up from the harbor after only one week. Everyone who heard about it, said that they never saw a container leave the harbor of Conakry as easily as this one. Most people have to pay high fees to all sorts of officials; containers are sometimes stuck for four to six months. We could only thank God, that He answered all your and our prayers!

The distribution, which we had also planned and prepared in those months, started right away. As was arranged in a last meeting with the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), we drove with their truck and jeep to Forekariah, where in three camps about 30.000 refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia live. At the moment there is security-level 4 because of the recent rebel-attacks. Even the UN-members have to return to Conakry in the evening. All the other organizations have left the city for now. At our own risk we could stay at the UN-quarters.

Together with the Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent we distributed half of the aid to about 2000 of the most vulnerable refugee-families and 1000 displaced Guineans, who lost everything during the rebel-attacks and were moved temporarily to this area.

So much destruction and atrocity happened on both sides, which we don’t want to get into here. In short, the rebels attacked different villages, and looted and destroyed everything. No one really knows who was behind it and what was the motive. There was quite a bit of fighting until the Guinean army drove the rebels back. Then came the counterreaction. Encouraged by the government the public kicked all the S. Leoneans out of their houses. They took what they could and tried to leave the country as quickly as possible. Even two refugee- camps, which are under UN protection, got completely burned down. Shortly thereafter our container arrived. Here is an excerpt of a thank-you-letter by the UNHCR for our project: "…The donated clothing, shoes etc…came at a time when they were most needed…We would therefore like to thank you for your initiative and for physically taking part in the distribution."

Distributing the materials properly was not an easy task. When we arrived, about 1000 people waited eagerly in each camp behind a fenced-in distribution center, where they get their monthly food-supplies for one meal a day. Our music show and speech about God’s love was well received by these precious believers who prayed together with us at the end of the show. Then the organizers had some disunity about the distribution and the situation got tense, which can happen easily in Africa. Finally they called the refugees to another place, where the most needy got a paper for which they could get some clothes etc. From then on everything calmed down again and we had some deep talks with these dear believers, who were so thankful for our time and gifts. Marianne and our friends there will keep visiting them to care for these precious people.

The next day we drove to the displaced Guineans and experienced the same joy and thankfulness, as we did afterwards at the hospital of Forekariah, where we delivered different medical equipment. We started the first distribution in Conakry two days later in the "Cite de Solidarite", where 55 handicapped (blind, cripples etc.) and their families live together. They beg daily on the streets for a living since there is no such thing as welfare. They were so happy and thankful for our visit and gifts.

Marianne wants to remain in Conakry and help with her longtime experience to distribute the other half of our aid to the poorest there.The lists for that were put together for us by ADRA Guinee. I will visit Daniela and the kids to pray about our next steps and to raise more regular funding for our work in Africa, so that we can do more transports and help alleviate the need of as many as possible there while getting out the gospel. Every donation big or small is needed and will be greatly appreciated. Maybe you can even try to find others who want to support our work.

Image Gallery
Marianne with TV-team at customs in the port.Our Container outside the port of Conakry.Sorting the storage.Mari and helpers in refugee camp „Kaliah“ near Forekariah.Kamara from Sierra Leone has like many others a crippled body due to sicknesses in childhood. He took it graceful and tries to get an education.Daily newcomers from Sierra Leone arrive. Waiting in front of their embassy for the next boat.Happy children with their new clothes.Blind and handicapped persons with their families in „Cité de Solidarité“.Unloading the UNHCR-truck. Standing in line, first children and women, then men.

Nos Rapports annuels

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