Avec nos rapports annuels, nous donnons chaque année, depuis 2000, un aperçu de l'état d'avancement de nos projets. En plus des rapports de synthèse pour le projet actuel, cette catégorie comprend également des projets déjà achevés. Ainsi, la carrière de la „Active Direkt Hilfe“ est tracée en Afrique. Pour notre projet actuel, nous publions régulièrement les derniers développements en détail.

Rapports annuels
Nov 2004

Container Distribution and New Horizons!

As usual it was difficult to find out where our humanitarian aid would do the best service as these items can get easily mishandled. After searching for a long time i.e. who would use our complete dentist office the most effectively, we chose the “Salvation Army”, which is helping the poor here since decades. They appreciated our newer equipment to replace their ancient one.

Finding the right people for the wheelchairs had other problems. The first lists of handicapped were either not complete or faulty. Other local NGOs were so unorganized, that when we’d arrive there we couldn’t even find a responsible person who would take care of the wheelchairs. After a long search we finally found a center Kikesa in Ngafula and another 11 centers of the “Bondeko Villages” where we got a valid list of their former students -mainly children. They have therapeutic centers where they were very thankful for our walking aids. They also received our shoemaker machine and four sewing machines. Three more sewing machines went to BICE, an organization which takes care of children and mothers with babies in the big prison.

Unfortunately we couldn’t bring the clothes to the North as we had planned since the UN stopped flying up there and it is too dangerous and complicated to bring the goods by water and road. Many people warned us of this expedition, because the soldiers in this region, former rebels, aren’t paid now since a long time and can easily plunder such transports.

So we decided to pass out our 400 banana boxes of clothes, shoes, sheets, as well as cooking utensils and tools in one of the poorest parts at the outskirts of Kinshasa, in Kinsenso. Pastor Theophile and his helpers run the Children’s Home SABEC there. Since they know this area very well they put together lists of the poorest widows, old folks, orphans and young single pregnant mothers. These people came all to SABEC, where we could conduct the distribution in peace. They also received two sewing machines, a computer and two typewriters. We gave our usual salvation message with the special prayer and passed out tracts in Lingala, the local language. They were so thankful for everything.

You can’t imagine under which circumstances these poor people live and with which difficulties they fight to survive. Just to get there with the “road” conditions they have is an art. We were surprised to find that even the roads to the Pygmies in Cameroon were better than here in the capital of the country to this part of town. Several cars including ours got stuck in the mud on the way there. Before we could drive home our driver had to fix the car in the dark by candlelight. You can only admire these people how they handle their poverty and get along with the dirt and simplest of means day in and day out. You should’ve seen the room in which they delivered a baby during our distribution - incredible!

As sweet as these people are, as difficult is their country! One of our close Embassy friends told us recently, how the security situation in the country was never as weak as it is now, since they have many fractions which fight each other and none trusts the other. There is no strong hand and some soldiers take advantage of this and even attack ministers in their cars at night to rob them.

After the last coup d’etat the authorities hassled many people and even arrested some. They don’t hesitate to even take foreigners as they can get more money for ransom from them.

On top of this, next year are supposed to be the first elections in Congo, which are expected to bring big upheavals. Nobody knows what will happen, when from the three big rivals – one president and two former rebel leaders, now vice presidents – only one will win, because no one wants to loose his power.

We got advised from several places that it would be safer for us to leave the country. As hard as that is for us, all our friends agree that it is the right decision. We are very thankful that we trained a few local people who can now carry on our missionary work. They received lots of tracts and reading materials to distribute and we will stay in touch with them.

At the moment we are praying about our future steps to see where the Lord wants to have us next. Wherever we go we want to continue to help the poor and share God’s love and His message with everyone. Jesus put it in simple terms and it could be a solution for all the problems in the world if everybody would only put it into practice: love God with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves (see Mathew 22: 37-40). 

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The poorest people from Kisenso were so thankful for our clothes, shoes, sheets etc.Mathew, Pastor Theophile and thankful recepient at our clothes distribution in SABEC.Jean Pierre distributes gospel tracts to the many open and hungry hearts.Wolfgang turning over the dentist office to the „Salvation Army“.Genevieve with children in our wheelchairs at the „Kikesa“ Center.Wolfgang with microphone and Joseph on camera filming the distribution.

Nos Rapports annuels

  2003 - 2004: Nous sommes arrivés au Congo Kinshasa après la guerre civile dévastatrice, avons importé notre troisième conteneur en Afrique et avons distribué des fournitures d’aide aux nécessiteux.

10e anniversaire d'Active Direct Aide


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