What are Vitamins for the Heart? Additionally to the physical help for us the spiritual support has likewise a big meaning. ‘Vitamins for the Heart’ is the title of series in which we publish new articles monthly. The Vitamins are compositions out of texts, which we are friendly allowed by the authors to present on our webpage. Because we had many positive reactions to the vitamins we also want to present them on our webpage and hope that they will also bring many others a big pleasure.

Vitamins for the Heart
by W. Schmidt: On my way from Prague to Congo I left by snow and freezing weather. The plane had to wait for the runway to get cleared for takeoff. On the way out we had to stop as a special truck on each side sprayed the plane free from ice and snow. All this delayed our departure so that it was a question if I would get my ongoing flight in Frankfurt. Some people had to wait for the next day as they missed their plane. For those who travelled in the same direction as I did, a special bus was provided to bring us directly to our next plane. On top of it – I don’t know how they did it – by the time we got to the plane they even had our luggage on that plane – another miracle I was very thankful for, as you…


by Marie Story: There’s no historical record of the date of Jesus’ birth. There has been speculation—some say it was in the spring, others say it was in the fall—but no one really knows for sure what day He was born. There’s no historical evidence that He was born on December 25th. We’re also pretty sure there wasn’t a Christmas tree, turkey, or carolers in attendance. So why do we celebrate His birthday on December 25th? And what’s the deal with the tree, the carolers, and all the rest of our modern traditions? People really only began celebrating Jesus’ birth on December 25th around 350 AD. It then took hundreds of years before Christmas was widely accepted by Christians as a celebration of Jesus’ birth, mainly because many of our modern Christmas traditions have their roots in ancient pagan history. December 25th was originally the celebration of the birth of…


By W. Schmidt: “Please choose the way of peace... In the short term there may be winners and losers in this war that we all dread. But that never can, nor never will justify the suffering, pain and loss of life your weapons will cause.” – Mother Teresa in a letter to George Bush and Saddam Hussein in January 1991. Since they didn’t listen to her, a war started which caused no end of trouble to this day. And then more wars like that got started which are causing more trouble, like in Libya and Syria. Recently I talked with a lady in Germany who still remembers the suffering she and her family endured after WW II. War and destruction were sewn like the wind and back came a whirlwind of the same kind. We always reap what we sow. Many Germans were refugees after this horrible war. They had…


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