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Children Run for Children

By Annette Schmidt:

When thinking about our school festivities, the faculty of the Elementary School in Gerbach, Germany, deliberated the theme of this year’s festivity. At the same time, we considered how we could raise support for the four Congolese children that our school sponsors. We were inspired to combine the two and so the theme for our school festivity was set: the support of “our children in Africa”. The idea of a fundraising-run to garner financial support for this seemed most suitable, so that’s what we did!

On June 19, 2009, the students of the Gerbach Elementary School run for the children they sponsor in Africa.

Each pupil was to find up to ten sponsors within the circle of their family and friends, who in turn would commit to pay the child a certain amount for each kilometer run -- for instance, 50 € cent. The day of the run began with some musical presentations and then the participants started. The running stretch was two kilometers long and for each round accomplished, a stamp was added to the running pass that the children carried around their necks.

So they ran several rounds and took welcomed breaks, well supplied with food and drinks sponsored and served by some of the parents. One student managed to run 20 kilometers from 7:30 to 12 noon!

At the end of this fundraising-run day, each one of the students visited their sponsors, who then donated the agreed amount of money. For instance, the student mentioned above, received 50€ cent per round. He ran 20 kilometers, which came to € 10 – so with the support of ten sponsors, his proceeds would have been € 100! In cases where the sponsor had agreed to pay €1 per kilometer, some students “ran” to even higher income.

The result? -- With the participation of about 70 students, the proceeds came to € 6.214, 20! Of course, the children could decide how many rounds they wanted to run during that morning, but great competition existed among the students!

We had prepared the children to gain some understanding of issues such as poverty, orphans and famine and we had incorporated the topic of Africa into their music classes by singing African songs accompanied by drums for instance. For many of our school’s children, this was probably the first time that the topic of Africa had confronted them, but they were inspired, knowing that they could contribute something positive through this event.

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