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By Uwe Blotenberg:

I celebrated my 70th birthday on August 30, 2011 with over fifty guests, enjoying food and drink, magic and many good conversations. My family and I support the initiatives of “Active Direct Help” and I used this birthday gathering as an opportunity to present ADH’s new project. We also presented the six children we sponsor. Leading up to the celebration, I once again requested that the guests not bring flowers or other presents but a donation to ADH instead. I am proud of the result: On September 6, 2011, we transferred € 1.131,41 into the ADH bank account! I trust it’s an important contribution to the Mushapo Project and that it will encourage others to also get involved.

 Kinshasa is expanding everywhere as the country's fugitives settle there in hope of a better life. But instead; the problems in the city grow!

De-urbanization - Help for the villages


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