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Cake Sale for a Good Cause

By Melanie Bödeker & Jens Ottinger:

In June 2010, we organized a cake sale at the Georg Buechner High School in Rheinfelden, Germany. The finances obtained were targeted to support Lenka and Wolfgang Schmidt’s work in DR Congo. I was able to agree on the timing of our sale with the principal, who has supported charitable projects before. We set up our stand in the entry hall of our school and during two twenty minute school breaks, we sold cakes, sandwiches and snacks, which eager classmates had prepared the day before and sponsored for the project. Our table displayed 24 different cakes, along with nicely prepared sandwiches and snacks! The school bell had hardly begun to ring and there was a rush to our stand because cheesecake, vanilla croissants and such are a welcome change from the usual simple sandwich and apple that students bring to school! Some classmates helped us in advance to prepare posters that poignantly presented ADH’s work and to inform the students and teachers about where the cake-sale proceeds would go. So, besides selling cakes, we were advertising for ADH! Some teachers and students were happy to pay a little extra for their cake or sandwich in order to increase the proceeds. At the end of the sale, we were overjoyed to realize that we had sold almost everything and could present Lenka and Wolfgang Schmidt with the fine sum of € 245, 65 for their project!

 ADH has the providing of a good school education as its central goal!

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