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Creating Educational Institutions

Before the construction of more school buildings can start, one has to acquire the necessary materials. This is only possible in larger cities, which means a long and most of all difficult transport from the cities to the construction site where they have to be stored. To save on costs, the materials have to be bought all at once. Hence, to begin building a school, we have to first invest in a big way. For that we collect donations and begin with construction, as soon as we have the funds for a building available. With your donation you are supporting ADH in the constructing of school buildings. Concretely this involves expenditures such as: cost for materials, transport costs, labor costs and costs for storage.

ADH targeted donation-building
Construction of our first school building in Mushapo made of bricks.

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 Kinshasa is expanding everywhere as the country's fugitives settle there in hope of a better life. But instead; the problems in the city grow!

De-urbanization - Help for the villages


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