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Agriculture for the sustainability of the project

The integrated farm project is supposed to help support the school long-term and keep it self-supporting, standing on its own feet. We have a property of 9 hectares available for the planting of crops. The harvest will be sold locally and on regional markets. The profits are designated to serve the financing of the school. In addition, the professional agriculture and the learning of crafts is planned to be integrated into the school curriculum for the higher grades. Through these extra qualifications we increase the chances for the children in finding a job. Besides, even now the agriculture is already creating new jobs and supplies for this region where food is really scarce. If you support the agriculture, you are contributing to the permanence of the whole project.

ADH targeted donation-agriculture
Our agricultural project: The planting of Manioc goes really well. The field’s crops are supposed to finance the school operation long term.

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Purpose: Mabala / Mushapo - specific - (project name)

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 Child labor is a great obstacle for a lasting and meaningful education.

Our objective – to provide education


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