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ADH - Who we are

ADH stands for “Active Direct Help” -- precisely our principle: We ensure that the help goes directly to where it is needed. Since its beginning in 2000, the association “ADH” engaged in development projects in the African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon and South Africa. The ADH initiators, Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt, have been with the team since 2004, active mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To pursue the goal of making the project long-term and self-sufficient, we founded a subsidiary association “ADH Congo Asbl” with Congolese members and with the same goals as its parent association: recognising the need and improving the local living conditions. Because we work on a volunteer basis, we are grateful to our friends and supporters that make our work possible and help us to help!

What motivates us

We take the task of helping people in need and our responsibility for our fellow citizens very seriously. Thereby, we follow this concept: we can help only a few people, but in so doing, we can make a small part of the world a better place. We try to ensure that our projects are long-term and can continue to be successful. We make no difference between religion and creed - every person deserves a chance and that's what we want him or her to have.

How we do it

Because ADH works only with volunteers, we have minor administration costs. The responsibility lies exclusively with the operating volunteers, who can adjust their help according to the situation or emergency. We work closely with our local friends, helpers, the local population and a few Companies on our projects, because we see their support as a key to lasting relief.

Staying in touch

Through our regular documentation, we inform our membership, supporters and the public of our Project’s progress and the use of funds at our disposal. We offer total transparency so that everyone can be a part of our project if he or she so desires.

Project Mushapo

We want to help the people of Mushapo and the neighbourhood to secure a better future, and for the children, education is an important key to this. With our school project in the interior of the Congo, we facilitate the attendance of the children of Mushapo and the neighbouring villages. Next to general education, we see much potential in training for agriculture in the Congo; consequently, we integrate agricultural training in the schoolwork. Only a few relief organisations exist in the interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as most of them are in the Capital Kinshasa or in its vicinity. We hope that this relief project develops into a pilot project, which will encourage similar developments in other parts of the Congo and around the World.

Instead of being discouraged by the world’s big problems, we are endeavouring to make a small part of the world a better place!

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 Changing one life, one child, one village at a time makes a difference in this world.

Our school is growing – we now have 150 students


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