24 November 2015 Written by 

Michael Singer (student; Graz, Austria)

In 2013, I first heard of ADH in a report on the Mushapo project in German television. In the past few years, I have constantly looked in vain for an aid organization that provides active and direct help for the people in need. The way ADH manages its school education and agriculture project in an isolated village in the Congo’s heartland has finally raised my attention. In the course of my diploma thesis, I have gained first experience in project management during an integrated water resource management project in Indonesia. There, I have learnt that in particular financially bloated projects easily threat to fail if the involved parties underestimate the importance of the acceptance and support of the local population. My current studies center sustainability, a term that is sometimes addressed insufficiently in international aid projects. Their focus may lie on short or midterm success and, for instance, pursue the implementation of certain technical solutions. The societal and cultural aspects are not always equally considered. To my understanding, ADH takes various aspects of sustainability into account and purposely emphasizes constant involvement of the local population. This leads to a long-term success of the organization’s projects. These reasons assured me to actively support ADH. Since February 2014, I translate content of ADH Congo’s new website to English so that the organization can reach more people worldwide and inspire them through its vision.

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