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What else is there to report in connection with the work of ADH? Innovations on various topics relating to the activities of the association, its support and changes in the general situation on the ground are summarized in this category.

Feb 2017

A safe journey to Mushapo is not possible

A lot of legal paperwork have to be done, like completing the registration of our Congolese association “ADH Congo Asbl” and the renewal of the registration of the land in Mushapo. He faces the typical challenges of Congo, but is able to meet old and new friends who are helping him in our work. He had a meeting with our ADH Congo members Gilbert and Francois and talked with Jean about his health and future role in our project. Thank God Jean’s health is stable enough that he can be more active again, while based with his family near Kinshasa. He is planning to make a trip with Wolfgang to Nioki and will travel alone to Mushapo this year as we face a new challenge in some parts of Congo including in that area. New rebel groups are causing trouble and fight with government forces. Even armed bandits roam the area between Tshikapa and Angola, where Mushapo is situated. Last week they shot two motorcycle drivers when they wanted to escape from them. This lead us to a decision that it is not safe for Wolfgang as a white man to travel there right now.
A safe journey to Mushapo is not possible

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