The acacia and palm nut trees have grown and can now be planted Featured
04 Avr 2021

The acacia and palm nut trees have grown and can now be planted

Our school director Philemon continued to oversee the work on the acacia and palm nut tree nurseries. The students have now been able to plant the first batches of trees on our field around the school. Two hectares of cassava, the main staple food in the Congo, have also been planted. After many similar previous ventures in Mushapo, all of which we unfortunately had to stop due to theft, this is a long-awaited dream that is gradually coming true for us. It will still take years before the palm trees yield fruit, but the beginning has been made. PIREDD, the organization that initiated this project and donated 1,000 seeds for each tree type, is supporting the school in the implementation of the project with a small contribution, in addition to our funding for the teachers.

  Notre projet est un énorme encouragement pour les gens de Mushapo et les villages environnants, car une bonne éducation est le gage d’un meilleur avenir pour leurs enfants.

314 élèves, 4 villages, 10 salles de classe, 10 enseignants


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