Visit of the orphanages Kimbondo (Madlen) and COLK in Kinshasa Featured
25 Mai 2019

Visit of the orphanages Kimbondo (Madlen) and COLK in Kinshasa

On top of the regular meetings with ADH Congo and BBK members, Wolfgang had a chance to meet again with Madlen, who continues to faithfully care for the orphans in the Kimbondo orphanage. With the help of one of her influential friends, she hopes to be able to soon start building a school for the small children in her care. Healthwise she is doing relatively well considering her constant fight against cancer. ADH supports Madlen as we see what an important and excellent work she is doing with the orphans. The COLK orphanage was very thankful for our yearly support. Mama Monique and Mama Jeanette do their best for the 90 orphans in this extremely poor section of town.

  Des valeurs éthiques fondamentales, telles que l'intégrité, la responsabilité, l'honnêteté et la conscience professionnelle sont en première ligne sur la liste des conditions pour ceux qui veulent travailler avec nous.

«Grande action de collecte» et «employés responsables»


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