Mushapo and Tshikapa Schools Featured
25 Mai 2019

Mushapo and Tshikapa Schools

Gilbert and Francois keep in touch with the school directors of our schools in Tshikapa and Mushapo. Tthe fighting in Kasai 2 years ago caused the Tshokwe tribe to chase all other tribes out of the Mushapo area. This split our Mushapo School in two. The majority of the people, students and teachers had to flee to Tshikapa where they now rent an existing school building in which they teach our pupils in the afternoon. The Tshokwe tribe, which remained in Mushapo, uses our school buildings to teach their children. We continue to support the school in Tshikapa from time to time as these people had to flee and start with nothing and have a hard time to make ends meet.

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