Opening of “ADH Agro-Veterinary School of Mabala” Featured
30 Sep 2018

Opening of “ADH Agro-Veterinary School of Mabala”

Our two new schoolbuildings, with three big classrooms each, and the office building for the director and teachers are finished enough, that the school could still start in this year. This is an amazing accomplishment of the last 5 months, especially under the difficult circumstances in the remote interior of the country, and we are very thankful for everybody’s wholehearted participation! The school is called ITAV-ADH Mabala; ITAV stands for Institute Technique Agro-Veterinaire. (Picture: Some of the 260 pupils in our school, incl.15 Pygmy children)

 Chacun d'entre vous joue un rôle important dans ce grand puzzle - laissez-nous mettre sur pied une belle image!

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