30 Sep 2018

Successful Shipment of a Container with Food for Congo & Distribution in Orphanages in Kinshasa

More good news: A while back, Lenka met Pastor Daniel in Prague who is part of the NGO “Feed the Hungry”. He arranged a 40-foot container with fortified rice meal packages, so called „Manna Packs“, from the head organization in the US for Congo. Our job was to find a way to import the container duty-free into the Congo, which is not easy. After several months of preparation, it was possible to import the container customsfree through our longterm partner organization, the ”Scripture Union” in Kinshasa. “Feed the Hungry” in the Czech Republic paid the food and shipping plus another 9000 $ for handling costs, harbour fees and inland transport charges in Congo. The food was distributed to many needy people and institutions, including the COLK orphanage and 500 orphans in Kimbondo where Madlen works so selflessly.

 Changer une vie, un enfant, un village, l’un après l’autre, fait une différence dans ce monde.

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