28 Avr 2018

News About our Students in Mushapo and Tshikapa

We sent some support to our school director Pierre and the teachers in Tshikapa as it was very hard for them to start all over after local militia had forced them to leave Mushapo last year. The afternoon school is functioning well, thus the children can continue their education. We also found out that the Tshokwe tribe who remained in Mushapo has reopened our school there recently. Now we have about 350 pupils in the school in Tshikapa and 150 pupils in our school buildings in Mushapo. We are happy for all those precious children that they can continue their education although they suffer from this forceful interruption in their lives.

  Afin d’améliorer significativement les perspectives d'avenir des enfants (et donc aussi de leurs familles!) l’objectif de ADH est de faciliter une bonne formation et d’encourager les enfants!

Notre objectif - assurer l'éducation


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