22 Déc 2017

Bricks for Agro-Veterinary School in Mabala

For the construction of the school building, 30.000 bricks were fabricated on site. Then the bricks were tested if they can be burned by mounting a kiln of 2000 bricks and making fire inside for 24 hours. A week later, the oven was opened, and we learned that the clay consists of too much sand, as half of the bricks were broken during the burning process. Nevertheless, they can still be used for the construction. We will use cement coverings to protect the unburned bricks against the strong rains. The foundation of the building will consist of cement mixed with rocks, as the soil is clay mixed with sandy ground. Every three meters, a column, containing strong bars of iron, will be set up to support the top belt on which the roof will be placed. This way of construction should ensure the strength of the building.

  Notre motivation quotidienne pour cela, nous la tirons du plus intime désir de donner à ces enfants une meilleure chance dans le monde.

Notre objectif - pour contrer l'urbanisation


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