07 September 2014 Written by 

Jens Ottinger (student; Bielefeld, Germany)

At the beginning of 2011, I accompanied Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt to Mushapo. It is sad and fascinating at the same time how the people there (have to) manage their daily life with the simplest means and creativity. I became aware of how unimportant material things can be in our western civilization. As a student, I had the possibility to spend a lot of time to create the new websites of ADH. When I have seen the wild area in early 2011 on which in the meantime school buildings have been erected, I realized how important such micro-projects in rural areas are for the sustainable improvement of local living conditions. ADH engages at a point where other aid ends and that is exactly what makes the work of this organization worth to support. One life, one child, one village. It makes a big difference – in our world. (Jens Ottinger - student)

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